Adrenal Fatigue Causes

The following are adrenal fatigue causes and important factors affecting adrenal function. 

Usually Caused by Stress

Adrenal fatigue is usually caused by some form of stress. 

Stress can be.... 

  • emotional

  • physical

  • psychological

  • infectious

  • environmental

  • or a combination of these

The worst life stresses are the ones that come as the result of catastrophic events such as... 

  • death of a loved one

  • car accident

  • serious illness

Stress also comes about from common situations in life such as... 

  • tooth ache

  • getting over the flu

  • intense physical activity

  • a fight with a loved one

  • pressure at work

  • being in an unhappy relationship

  • being in a toxic environment

  • poor diet

If stresses occur simultaneously, the adrenals aren't allowed enough time to fully recover.

If stresses accumulate or become chronic, the result is usually adrenal fatigue. 

Adrenal fatigue basically occurs when the body can't handle the stress. The stress overextends the capacity for the body to compensate and recover adequately from the stress or the combination of stresses. 

Some form of adrenal fatigue occurs when this capacity to cope and recover is exceeded. 

Adrenal Fatigue Causes

Important Factors Affecting Adrenal Fatigue Causes

The following are adrenal fatigue causes... 

  • financial pressure

  • death of a loved one

  • lack of relaxation

  • psychological stress

  • unwanted unemployment

  • negative attitudes and beliefs

  • infection: acute & chronic

  • Repeated stresses

  • Emotional stress

  • allergies

  • over exertion

  • smoking

  • lack of sleep

  • poor eating habits

  • sugar and white flour products

  • lack of, or excessive exercise

  • wound healing

  • marital stress

  • caffeine

  • coffee

  • fear

  • prescription or non-prescription drugs

Are you unaware you're stressed?

Sometimes our bodies may not tell us we are stressed. 

Cortisol is a hormone that is commonly tested to measure stress level. 

It's possible to be unaware of being under stress and testing cortisol hormone levels will help explain what's actually going on. 

Saliva hormone testing is the best single lab test available for detecting adrenal fatigue and has several advantages over other lab tests. 

Stress is additive and cumulative

Whether or not you're aware it's happening, 1) the intensity of stress, and 2) the frequency it occurs, combine to form your stress load. 

All day long your body makes adjustments to deal with your stress. 

It's when your body is unable to make the appropriate changes that adrenal fatigue begins. 

Each person has a different capacity to handle stress. The capacity varies over time. 

Progesterone and Pregnenolone

With adrenal fatigue, the sex hormone levels often fall because your adrenal glands are not able to manufacture adequate levels of hormones. 

Thus, taking replacement hormonesprogesterone and pregnenolone helps your body decide the hormones to make from them, whatever your body needs. 

Chronic and severe infection

Common precursors to adrenal fatigue include...

  • pneumonia

  • asthma

  • bronchitis

  • sinusitis

  • respiratory infections

The more serious the infection, the longer it lasts and the longer the adrenals are involved in healing. 

It's also true that people suffering from low adrenal function have a proneness for respiratory illness. 

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