Adrenal Health and the Effects of Lifestyle

Adrenal health could be regained on your own. This is one of the few good things about adrenal fatigue. 

Lifestyle Changes

Certainly a way to help recover faster from adrenal fatigue is by adjusting your lifestyle. There are no magic pills for adrenal fatigue. How you spend, create, and conserve your energy is extremely important. 

Your lifestyle choices are definitely important and you need to realize you have tons of control over the process of recovering from adrenal fatigue. The thoughts you have, what you eat and drink, and the beliefs you base your life on are all contingent on adrenal health recovery. 

Elements of lifestyle are frequently the cause and the aggravating factors of adrenal fatigue that stand in the way of healing. 

When you understand these factors in your own lifestyle, you then have the power to recover faster by making the necessary changes. 

Remove the cause of aggravating factors

It's essential to remove the health limiting factors if the adrenals are to recover and heal properly. 

The following are examples of lifestyle components that often continue as aggravating factors. These factors are components that are either caused or contributed to adrenal fatigue. 

  • mental traps, depths of despair

  • lack of fresh air

  • soft drinks

  • lack of sleep

  • junk food

  • alcohol

  • chronic pain

  • sickness

  • overwork

  • tobacco

  • energy robbers

  • chemicalized water

  • financial pressures

  • no emotional outlet

  • surgeries

  • unhappy at work

  • unhappy at home

  • prescription and non-prescription drugs

  • chemical pollutants

  • coffee

Removing these limiting factors to adrenal function helps the adrenals heal properly and recover faster. 

Adrenal glands can't heal from fatigue unless they have the opportunity to rest

The particular kind of rest you need for adrenal recovery doesn't come so much from physically lying down, but from the rest you get from standing up for yourself and removing or minimizing the harmful stresses in your life. 

A sense of powerlessness or helplessness is the most debilitating and stress inducing emotion there is. For instance, no matter how bad any situation is, if you feel like you can do something about it, it will be more tolerable and less stressful. It's important to take your health seriously and find out what you can do to make yourself well. 

Adrenal Health

Adrenal Health and the Environment

Are you aware of how your environment is effecting your life?

Your adrenal glands are effected by surroundings and your environment can do a lot to de-energize and weaken you. Environmental factors include things like air quality, fabrics, fragrances, and cosmetic preparations you wear, and the many other details of your daily surroundings. If you feel groggy or tired in particular locations or after eating certain foods, then you should consider which factors are robbing you of energy. 

Notice if there are certain people in your life that seem to make you feel more tired, helpless, frustrated, angry, or fatigued when you are around them. 

Notice if you have less energy in certain conditions at work or when you are at home.  

Healing the adrenals

An important step in improving adrenal health is taking a close look at your life with the purpose to identify what is draining you and pinpoint which factors worsen the problem and which relieve it. 

There are three things you can do when you are in a difficult situation...

  1. You can change the situation

  2. You can change yourself to fit the situation

  3. You can leave the situation

You have the power to change this negative to a neutral or positive. 

Remember that stresses are additive and cumulative. 

Removing or neutralizing your largest source of stress will make a very significant difference to your adrenal health and overall well being. 

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