Adrenal Symptoms

Adrenal symptoms and signs of low adrenal function can indicate defective adaptation of your adrenal glands to the stresses you are experiencing. 

Signs and Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

No single one of the following symptoms of adrenal fatigue gives a definitive diagnosis of hypoadrenia, but taken collectively as a syndrome, they strongly suggest the presence of adrenal fatigue. 

  • Your fatigue isn't relieved by sleep. 
    Despite getting a good nights sleep, you still aren't well rested and feel tired when you wake up in the morning. People that experience adrenal fatigue don't feel refreshed in the morning.

  • Having trouble waking up in the morning.

  • You crave salty food. 
    People experiencing adrenal fatigue are known to crave salty food or want to add extra salt to food that's already salted.

  • Every daily task is much harder to do than it should be. 
    You need increased effort to do every day tasks. Every day tasks become stressful and require much more effort than they should.

  • Lack of energy. 
    Feelings of being tired all the time could be related to adrenal health issues. You're lethargic and everything seems like a chore when you have adrenal symptoms. Things you are used to enjoy doing are much more difficult and require more energy.

  • Decreased ability to handle stress. 
    Little things that never used to bother you do now. Constant anxiety, and road rage are examples of being stressed more than normal. Yelling at your kids, compulsive eating, smoking or drug use let you know your adrenals are in need of help.

  • Decreased sex drive. 
    Sex is the last thing on your mind and you lack the energy or desire for sex.

  • Feeling of light-headedness. 
    You experience feelings of being light-headed especially when you get up quickly from the chair or bed.

  • You need more time to recover from sickness. 
    You need more time to recover from illness, an injury or trauma. It takes longer for you to get over colds. If you cut your finger, it may take weeks to heal. If you experience a trauma such as a death in the family, you are still incapacitated by grief two years later.

  • Enjoy life less. 
    You don't enjoy your life as much and nothing seems to interest you anymore. You almost never do anything for fun and relationships feel empty.

  • Mild depression. 
    Everything seems pointless and you don't see any point in making an effort to do anything.

  • Adrenal symptoms become worse if meals are skipped or inadequate. 
    You have to constantly feed yourself with food to drive yourself with energy. You feel you need colas and coffee to just keep from collapsing.

  • Increased PMS. 
    You're bloated, cramping, crabby, tired, and craving chocolate.

  • Memory is getting worse. 
    You feel your memory is getting less accurate and you're absentminded.

  • Your thoughts are less focused. 
    You frequently lose track of your train of thought. It's harder and harder for you to make decisions, even about things as simple as what to wear.

  • You don't really wake up until about 10AM.

  • You experience an afternoon low between 3 and 4PM. 
    You want to go to sleep about three or four in the afternoon.
Adrenal Symptoms

Adrenal Symptoms

  • You feel better after an evening meal. 
    You start to feel alive again after you eat dinner.

  • Easily irritated. 
    You're easily annoyed by other people and have a decreased tolerance and have less patience for not getting what you want.

  • You're not as productive. 
    When you have adrenal symptoms, it takes you longer to complete tasks and it's harder for you to stay focused.

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