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BHRT testosterone therapy can help you balance your hormones and improve your quality of life. 

Testosterone levels and menopause

The normal postmenopausal ovary and the adrenal gland produces testosterone as well as low levels of estrogen and androstenedione. 

Women that have had their ovaries surgically removed experience a rapid decline in testosterone levels. Also, postmenopausal women who take estrogen typically have lower testosterone levels. 

Testosterone and Your Body

What effect do lower testosterone levels have? 
Some studies suggest osteoporosis is related to testosterone levels as well as levels of estrogen in your body. 

Testosterone is quickly metabolized to estrogen in the body by fat, muscle, and possibly the breast. Serum levels of testosterone are correlated with increase risk of breast cancer. 

Testosterone appears to have effects only on women whose blood levels of testosterone are low from the start. However, there is currently a growing trend to add testosterone to hormone therapy treatment for women complaining of inadequate libido. 

Two FDA approved combination pills 
The FDA has approved two combination pills of estrogen and testosterone. Estratest is a combination of estradiol and methyltestosterone. Premarin plus methyltestosterone is another combination. 

To get natural testosterone or methyltestosterone in either a pill or cream, it has to be made by a compounding pharmacy. 

Testosterone cream is a transdermal way of increasing testosterone levels. 

Testosterone cream is becoming more and more popular because it does not irritate the skin as much as patches or when using testosterone gel. 

Testosterone cream increases your testosterone by releasing testosterone into the bloodstream. This form of natural testosterone treatment can be spread on different areas of the body including the upper arms, shoulders, thighs, and stomach area. 

BHRT Testosterone

Side effects of supplementing bhrt testosterone

Don't assume testosterone won't have any side effects other than the desired ones. 

Most common testosterone side effects include... 

  • rages of anger

  • facial hair

  • acne

  • weight gain

  • liver disease

In addition to these side effects, there is evidence that suggests testosterone counteracts the lipid changes that estrogen can create. Testosterone can also compound the carcinogenic effect of estrogen on the breast and uterus. 

If you take BHRT testosterone or synthetic forms of testosterone to increase your libido, you should know that very little research has been done on this, and you may be risking serious side effects in the future. 

Testosterone therapy for men

Testosterone replacement therapy hasn't been as popular for men as estrogen replacement therapy has been for women. However, testosterone therapy is becoming more common. 

Studies have reported testosterone therapy does increase energy levels, build muscle, and reduce fat. 

Men experiencing male menopause complain of feeling tired, loss of libido, and loss of muscle tone and size. 

Some men even experience occasional hot flashes

Testosterone therapy has been known to help increase energy levels, muscle tone, and other symptoms of male menopause. 

If you're considering testosterone therapy, consult with your doctor because increasing testosterone levels could stimulate the growth of a latent prostate cancer in elderly men or cause the prostate to enlarge. Another side effect is aggravating current symptoms of sleep apnea. 

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