Cellulite Foods

Concentrate on cellulite foods that have great cellulite fighting properties. 

Top 10 Anti-cellulite Foods

Try to focus on the following foods. These foods have cellulite fighting properties. 

Beans and Pulses 

Beans are full of fiber and protein. Beans are a great vegetarian choice on the anti-cellulite plan. 

Beans have calcium important for fighting body fat. Also, potassium that help to fight fluid retention. 

Cellulite Foods

Don't Forget your Cultured Veggies!


Another high protein source, nuts are also full of nutrients. Just two Brazil nuts provide your recommended daily intake of the vital antioxidant selenium. 

Nuts have vitamin E that improves circulation as well as skin. Also, monounsaturated fat that helps the body burn fat. 

Bran and Oat Cereals 

Those who eat cereal every day weigh an average of 8 pounds less than those who don't. 

Cereals that contain fiber are important for burning fat and keeping energy high throughout the day. 

Antioxidants in a bowl of bran or oat cereal contains as many as a bowl of plums. 


Avocados may be high in calories, but they are packed with essential fatty acids, which improve the health of the skin and circulation and may also help your body burn fat. 

The vitamin E avocados provide improves skin health. They also have a fiber called beta sitosterol that helps fight cholesterol and may improve circulation. 


Bananas are excellent for boosting blood vessels and can't be beaten for improving circulation. 

Bananas also provide potassium that helps fight fluid retention. 

Vitamin B6 is another fluid fighter. 

Magnesium helps fight stress and its associated weight gain. 


Berries are among the top antioxidant foods, counteracting the sugar, fats, and other pollutants that damage skin and create the orange peel effect. Berries are a good source of vitamin C, a powerful detoxifier and helps strengthen the skin. 

Gamma linoleic acid found in blackberries, helps certain types of body fat burn more calories. 


A pineapple has an anti-inflammatory action in the body, which may help fight fluid retention and aid in the healing of damaged collagen fibers. 

Pineapples also have vitamin C which is potentially the most important cellulite fighting vitamin. Pineapples also have a quality that helps the body digest. 


Pears are extremely detoxifying. Pears can help reduce the effects of pollutants in the system. Pears also aid the lymph. 

Pears contain iodine which is a mineral that helps stimulate a sluggish metabolism. Pears have fiber that aids in weight loss and is vital for healthy digestion. Pears also have potassium that help fight fluid. 


Watermelon is a fluid filled food that fights fluid retention. Watermelon contains a glass of water per slice. 

Watermelon is an important cellulite food because it has a vital antioxidant lycopene. Also, potassium fights fluid retention by keeping fluid levels in the body balances. Watermelon are a good source of fiber for circulation. 

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