Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite treatment for fighting fluid retention, skin damage, poor circulation, and a slow lymph flow. 

Female hormone oestrogen

It has often been suggested the exposure to the female hormone oestrogen can be a trigger for cellulite. 

There are many reasons for this... 

  • Cellulite isn't normally triggered until puberty when oestrogen kicks in.

  • Oestrogen has a tendency to encourage fluid retention and fat storage.

  • It may get worse during pregnancy and during menopause and when the oestrogen levels go slightly haywire.
Cellulite Treatment

Testosterones contribution to cellulite

The absence of testosterone is thought to contribute to cellulite. 

Testosterone leads to firmer, stronger connective fibers under the skin, which reduces the risk of developing fat at the top layer of skin. 

Typically it's not desirable to increase levels of testosterone for women, but you can reduce the amount of oestrogen by keeping your weight down, as fat tissue actually creates its own low levels of oestrogen. 

Solutions for treating cellulite

By discovering the potential triggers for cellulite, it may seem that our lifestyles have a big impact on it. 

Exercise and cellulite 

Exercise is a good example. 70 percent of people in the UK don't exercise more than once a month. Only 40 percent of Americans exercise once a month. 

This is likely a big factor when it comes to developing cellulite. 

Diet and cellulite 

Sugar and fat are two major food factors believed to trigger cellulite. 

The average British diet contains about 20 pounds of sugar a year and 77 pounds of fat. These are both too high for good health. 

The average American diet contains 10 percent less fat, but three times as much sugar. 

Cellulite treatment should focus on reducing excess fat and fluid, rapidly decreasing the amount of cellulite you have. 

You also want to reduce the amount of free radicals you have in your system and initiate repair of the damaged collagen under the skin, cutting down on the risk of it coming back.

Diet and exercise are most important

If you're really pressed for time, it doesn't mean cellulite free thighs are not for you. 

Diet and exercise is you biggest bang for you buck. 

Here are some other tips for cellulite treatment... 

  • Apply a good cellulite cream. An aromatherapy blend applied nightly, using the manual lymph technique.

  • Spend five minutes skin brushing each morning.

  • Try to introduce the mental tips into your daily training.

  • Apply a weekly fake tan.

  • Have a weekly professional massage.

  • Try some of the professional anti-cellulite beauty treatments.

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Cellulite Treatment

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