Cure for Hot Flashes

Cure for hot flashes can be as simple as making a few lifestyle changes. 

Before you start hormone therapy or other prescription medication to relieve symptoms, you might consider these suggestions for a few months. 

Get regular exercise 
There's still a debate about the effectiveness of regular exercise for reducing the frequency and severity of hot flashes, but many woman say that working out an hour, 3 or more times a week helps. A common hot flash trigger is stress, and exercise certainly can help reduce stress. And if you do experience hot flashes when exercising, it won't stand out when you're already hot and sweaty in the gym. 

Cure for Hot Flashes

Cure for Hot Flashes

Dress in layers 
At work you might try wearing a sleeveless top under your suit. Taking off the jacket will also provide some relief. It's usually best to avoid turtlenecks and also slightly under dress for the weather. 

Consider sleepwear and bedding made from high-tech fabrics 
Today, there are high-tech fabrics designed to keep you cool and dry. The idea is to wick-away moisture. This is the same kind of material you see athletes wearing these days. The T-shirts and leggings made of this stuff can be slept in. Also, there are T-shirts and underwear made of this material that can be worn during the day to help with hot flash relief. 

Learn to relax 
Paced respiration and deep breathing works wonders for a lot of women. You may want to check with your health care provider to get the technique right. Yoga, meditating, and massage therapy are great ways to reduce stress. 

Consider herbal remedies 
For a cure for hot flashes, you might consider black cohosh, chickweed, elder, dong quai, and violet. Talk to your doctor about herbal treatment and these common herbs for hot flashes

Lower the thermostat 
Keeping the temperature a little lower than normal can help reduce the occurrence of hot flashes. It's especially important to stay cool at night to help reduce the chances ofmenopause night sweats. Keeping a fan next to your bed at night can help. 

Quit smoking 
Long-time smokers are more likely to have moderate to severe hot flashes. The more you light up cigarettes, the more you're heat up. One study indicated that women who smoked more than a pack a day were 2.5 times more likely to experience severe hot flashes than women who never smoked. 

Lose weight 
Heavier women get more hot flashes. Fat acts as an insulation, so it's not that surprising it's tougher to cool off if you're overweight. 

Cool down your diet 
Spicy foods are common causes of hot flashes. Caffeine also contributes to the onset of sweats. 

Drink water 
At night, you might keep a glass of water by your bed. Ice water can help you cool down if you wake up at night experiencing hot flashes. It's also important to stay well hydrated throughout the day. 

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