Hormone Replacement Products

Hormone replacement products are used to help treat the symptoms of menopause, perimenopause, and post-menopause. 

Natural hormone replacement is often referred to as "custom-compounded" hormone products. The doses are individualized, and the mixture of products may not be commercially available.

Hormone Replacement Products

Synthetic vs Natural Hormone Replacement

What are Synthetic Hormones?

Synthetic hormones have a slightly different chemical structure from the progesterone produced by our bodies. Natural progesterone and synthetic progestins act differently in the body and produce different effects o progesterone receptor sites. Natural progesterone molecules fit EXACTLY into progesterone receptor cells. 

Synthetic hormones have side effects
If you use synthetic hormone replacement, you will likely experience unpleasant side effects. A side effect of synthetic hormones is weight gain, especially around the middle, hips, and thighs (the classic "pear- shaped" weight gain).  

Synthetic hormone replacement via the "patch"
The "patch" contains 100% estradiol which is the most potent of all the estrogens found in the female body. It contains no estrone and no estriol. If you look in the Physician's Desk Reference under listing for the patch which is sold under several brand names, you will see, in large print, the following statement: ESTROGENS HAVE BEEN REPORTED TO INCREASE THE RISK OF ENDOMETRIAL CARCINOMA IN POSTMENOPAUSAL WOMEN. 

There are many other potential HRT side effects of using synthetic hormones including increased heart disease, risk of breast cancer, anxiety, nervousness, and increase hair loss. 

Products for Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

Women, educated on the harmful effects of synthetic hormone replacement therapy, are now beginning to realize the great benefits of natural hormone replacement therapy that women in other parts of the world have known for ages. 

Synthetic Human Hormone Replacement Products

The following are estrogen-containing hormone replacement products for postmenopausal women. 

Activella Tablet .5estradiol/.1norethindrone &1.0estradiol/.5norethindrone

Alora Patch .025estradiol & .05estradiol & .075 estradiol & .1estradiol

Angeliq Tablet 1mg estradiol/ .5mg drospirenone

Climara Patch .025/.0375/.05/.06/.075/1 all of estradiol

Climara Pro Patch .045estradiol/.015 levonorgestrel 

Combipatch Patch .05estradiol/.14norethindrone &.05estradiol/.25norethindrone

Divigel Gel .1% 17-beta-estradiol 

Elestrin Estradiol gel 

Esclim Estradiol patch

Estrace 17-beta-estradiol micronized tablet

Estrace vaginal Cream 17-beta-estradiol cream 

Estraderm estradiol patch

Estrasorb Estradiol topical emulsion 

Estring Vaginal ring

Estrogel Micronized gel 

Evamist Transdermal spray for the skin

Femhrt Tablet

Femring vaginal ring

Femtrace tablet

Gynodiol tablet

Innofem tablet

Menostar Patch

Prefest combo tablet 

Vagifem vaginal tablet

Vivelle patch

Equine Synthetic Plant or Horse Derived

Cenestin tablet

Enjuvia tablet

Premarin Tablet
Premarin is not "natural" to the human body. It is made from pregnant mares urine. The generic name for Premarin is conjugated equine estrogen. 

Premarin Vag cream 
The percentages of estrone and estradiol found in Premarin are much greater than the levels your body produces naturally. This leads to hormone imbalance. 

Premphase tablet

Prempro tablet

Equine Synthetic Soy Derived

Estratest tablet 

Covaryx tablet 

Estratest HS tablet 

Covaryx HS tablet 

Menest tablet 

Human Synthetic

Ogen tablets 

Ogen vaginal cream 

Ortho-est Tablet 

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