Hormones During Pregnancy

Hormones during pregnancy are often more dramatic than any other time in a woman's life, including during menopause. 

The wild mood swings of the first trimester, the gush of tears that springs forth while watching a Hallmark commercial in a second, and the urge to nest during the third are emotional effects many pregnant women know real well. 

Research clearly tells us that hormone imbalance is behind many of the symptoms and complications many women experience during pregnancy. 

A low level of progesterone has been known to relate to a miscarriage. High progesterone levels can cause intense fatigue. 

High levels of the metabolic hormone insulin can trigger carbohydrate cravings that may lead to excessive weight gain. Do you have a tendency to over exercise and under eat? This is a factor that puts your developing baby at risk for diminished growth. 

Do you have low thyroid? Pregnant women can suffer from intense fatigue caused by an undetected thyroid imbalance. Low thyroid hormone causes fatigue. This is something else that could possibly contribute to a miscarriage. 

Exposure to certain pollutants and toxins in the environment that interact with your hormones can interfere with the healthy development of the fetus. 

It’s important to have hormone balance in order to have a safe, healthy, and successful pregnancy. 

Understand appropriate food choices, weight gain, exercise, what you can do to reduce stress, and improve sleep are important for balancing hormones during pregnancy. 

You also need strategies for alleviating symptoms when it’s possible and also treat hormone disorders. 

Hormones During Pregnancy

Cultured Foods Reduce Stress and Help Balance Hormones

Today, women are at a higher risk for hormone imbalance

In many ways our lives have improved, but our modern lifestyle has also disrupted some of the natural ways in which our biology is supposed to work. 

Lifestyle factors causing imbalance…... 

  • Women today are more stressed out and sedentary

  • Women are sleep deprived and exposed to hormone disrupting substances in our food, in cleaning products, cosmetics, and the environment.

  • Women are eating more processed simple carbohydrates and sweets.

  • Many women are overweight while other women have borderline eating disorders.

Some things to consider when it comes to correcting hormone balance in pregnant women…

Not treating the early symptoms can lead to devastating effects. Many miscarriages occur because of a correctable deficiency in progesterone. 

Also, failure to correct low thyroid levels in pregnant women contributes to learning disabilities in their children. 

Poorly controlled blood sugar levels are a precursor to childhood obesity. 

Not treating depression in pregnant mothers can lead to behavioral issues and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in their children. 

Did you know that it’s estimated about 60 percent of brain development is determined by genes? The hormonal environment of the uterus determines about 30 percent of brain development, while the remaining 10 percent is influenced by what you eat. 

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Hormones During Pregnancy

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