How to Cure Adrenal Fatigue

How to cure adrenal fatigue should start with looking at your lifestyle. The influence of lifestyle is very important for recovering from adrenal fatigue. 

Making lifestyle adjustments

As early as 1919, studies have reported the importance of making lifestyle changes to reduce the sources of adrenal strain which allow adrenals to recover. Elements of lifestyle frequently stand in the way of healing adrenal fatigue. 

The following are some limiting factors that prevent the adrenals from healing properly. 

  • people robbing your energy

  • consuming soft drinks

  • lack of sleep

  • junk food

  • alcohol

  • chronic pain

  • financial pressures

  • surgeries

  • mental traps

  • lack of fresh air

  • coffee

Distinguish which things in your life are contributing to your health

For a long time we have known the adrenal glands can't heal unless they've had proper rest. 

It's important to understand which things in your life are contributing to your health, and which things are detracting from it. 

Take a piece of paper and draw a vertical line down the center. Title the left column "things good for me", then title the right column "things bad for me". In the "good" column, write down all the things that contribute to your health and well being. In the "bad" column, write down all things that seem detrimental to your health. 

All these things can be related to physical or leisure activities, eating patterns, exercises, relationships, work, family, beliefs, attitudes, emotional patterns, dietary supplements, or anything that makes you feel good or bad. 

Be sure not to idealize what "should" be good for you. For example, don't list in the "good" column things that you think you "should" feel pleasurable or beneficial. Write in the "good" column what makes you feel good and what you love in life. List all the things in life that bring you pleasure, even if you haven't done them in awhile. 

In the "bad" column, this can be anything that you do that isn't good for you. It could be work or family relationships that are bad for you, or bad drinking or eating patterns. 

Review each column and circle the five most significant entries in each column. Rank from 1 to 5 in order of most importance. 

Commit to eliminating the "bad" items from the list, starting with the first one. Devise a plan for accomplishing this and date by which it will be done. Start with eliminating the first one on the list, then move on to the next one. 

Identify people that make you stressed

Everyone has people in their lives that drain them of energy. It may be a certain group of people or environment at work or at home that leaves you feeling excessively tired, stressing your adrenal health

Take out a sheet of paper and list everything and everyone in your daily life that takes away your energy. 

How to Cure Adrenal Fatigue

Benefits of exercise

Exercise is a big part of how to cure adrenal fatigue. 

Exercising is empowering as well as rejuvenating. 

Exercise makes you feel better because it normalizes levels of cortisol, blood glucose, growth hormone, insulin, thyroid, and several other hormones. 

Exercise helps put more oxygen in your brain and also decreases depression. Depression is a common finding in adrenal exhaustion and fatigue. 

If you're wondering what exercise is best for how to cure adrenal fatigue, the best exercise is the type that's the most enjoyable. 

You should do something that increases lung capacity, muscle tone, and flexibility while at the same time having fun. 

Breathing exercises or yoga, kick boxing, swimming, walking, or dancing are all good ways to get your body moving. 

Eating to improve adrenal function

When discussing how to cure adrenal fatigue, you have to consider nutrition. f you make inadequate food choices, your body will make inadequate food responses. 

When your adrenals respond to stress, your metabolism speeds up burning more nutrients then normally needed. When you reach a state of adrenal fatigue, your cells have used up so much stored nutrients that you are in need of new supplies to just continue functioning.

To have a fast and speedy recovery from adrenal fatigue, you need good quality food or you will not make much progress. 

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