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Irwin Naturals are vitamins, supplements, and health products are liquid gel caps that allow nutrients to be quickly absorbed up to 200% better than tablets or capsules. 

Naturals Triple-Boost® Caffeine-Free Energy

Triple-Boost® Caffeine-Free Energy provides a smooth all-day stream of energy without stimulants. 

Triple-Boost® has the benefit of being used daily without the burn-out that occurs with caffeinated energy products. 

Triple-Boost provides a smooth all-day stream of energy without the central nervous system stimulants that most other energy products have. 

Triple-Boost® has brain chemistry mechanisms that regulate mood and energy levels, energy conversion that supplies key nutrient energies, and adrenal glands function to help maintain consistent energy levels and feeling a sense of vitality. 

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Irwin Naturals Daily Gentle Cleansing & Digestion™

Daily Gentle Cleansing & Digestion™ is a non-laxative formulation optimized to enhance digestion and support liver function by combining a traditional Ayurvedic digestive blend with Western botanicals which soothes, detoxifies and promotes a healthy digestive system. 

Ginger and marshmallow root help to soothe and minimize burping, flatulence and minor upset stomach. 

Milk thistle, dandelion and artichoke all work together to support healthy liver function and fat digestion. 

Daily Gentle Cleansing & Digestion™ supports the multiple aspects of gastrointestinal and digestive function to promote optimal digestive health. 

Irwin Naturals Steel-Libido® for Women

Irwin Naturals STEEL- LIBIDO® for WOMENSteel libido® for Women is Bioperine enhanced and is the first product to support both erectile function and libido (sexual drive). 

Steel libido® for women supports the blood vessel system that involves penis erection and targets Nutraceuticals that the body uses to generate sexual desire and drive. 

Steel-Libido® for Women is for women with issues of decreased female libido. Steel-Libido® for Women works to support sexual desire and libido and also to help promote the intensity of physical pleasure. 

Irwin Naturals Fast Action Hoodia Diet™

Irwin Naturals Fast Action Hoodia Diet Fast Action Hoodia Diet Supplement combines hoodia and green tea extract to maximum metabolic impact. 

This supplement contains Hoodia Extract with Green Tea Extract standardized to 80% caffeine. 

This appetite suppressant might help people who are trying to lose weight. Green Tea Extracts were shown in separate studies to impact the metabolism of fats. 

Irwin Naturals Green Tea Fat Metabolizer™

Irwin Naturals GREEN TEA FAT METABOLIZER™ Green Tea Fat Metabolizer™ combines a highly concentrated form of green tea extract with a powerful blend of natural herbal boosters and nutrients. Reduce caloric intake and increase exercise plan to increase calorie burning, promote energy, support weight management. 

For best results, use Green Tea Fat Metabolizer™ in conjunction with a low calorie diet and exercise program. 

Irwin Naturals

Green Tea Fat Burner

Naturals Power to Sleep PM®

Power to Sleep PM® Natural Sleep Supplement utilizes natural ingredients formulated to gently encourage a state of relaxation. 

Power to Sleep PM® replenishes nutrients that help the body cope with stress and improve essential mineral stores. These ingredients work together to help you relax before bed, sleep soundly during the night and wake-up feeling refreshed in the morning. 

Attaining restful and sustained sleep is fundamental to health and wellbeing. 

Ashwaganda, a botanical traditionally used to help your body cope with stress, along with the minerals calcium and magnesium which help promote a healthy nervous system, work together to help you wake up feeling refreshed. 

Naturals ESTROPAUSE® Menopause Support

ESTROPAUSE® Menopause Support provides natural help with menopause formulated to support a woman’s health as she ages. 

Menopause is a natural stage of life that all women go through. Some menopause signs of menopause appear gradually, while others seem to rush up all at once. 

EstroPause® Menopause Support has essential minerals, calcium and magnesium. Also included are other healthy herbs for menopause, including black cohosh, chasteberry, soy and red clover. 

Naturals Women’s Living Green Liquid-Gel Multi™

Women’s Living Green Liquid-Gel Multi™ sets a much needed new standard in today’s world of low nutrition and high stress. Using powerful botanicals from whole living plants, this is not a one-size-fits-all formula. 

While this formula contains Folic Acid, Omega 3 Oils and Green Tea, it most importantly is one of the world’s only plant based multi-nutrition formulas that is delivered in a liquid soft-gel. 

Naturals IMMUNO-SHIELD™ All Season Wellness

IMMUNO-SHIELD™ All Season Wellness has ingredients that act in three distinct ways to support the body’s natural defense mechanisms. This supplement contains antioxidant vitamins C and E and the mineral zinc to fortify the immune system and enhance the body’s natural defense mechanisms.

Also a multi-herb blend of echinacea to boost a healthy immune response and Andrographis, an Asian herbal extract to modulate immune function. The popular Chinese herb Astragalus is combined with Cat’s Claw, Olive leaf and Oregano Oil leaf to support immune health. 

Immuno-shield™ All Season Wellness also contains powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals and help maintain healthy respiratory functioning.  

Naturals Stress-Defy™ Balanced & Relaxed

Stress-Defy™ Balanced & Relaxed helps you attain mental, emotional and physical health. Stress Defy™ Balance & Relaxed is specially formulated to create a healthy stress response by promoting relaxation, mental clarity and replenishing stress-fighting reserves. 

Calm your nerves with a blend of botanicals, minerals and 5-HTP.

Increase mental clarity with Ginkgo and L-theanine, two nutrients studied to support memory and brain function, promote mental clarity under times of stress.

A blend of B vitamins and botanicals support energy producing pathways and may improve the body’s resistance to stress.

Naturals Men’s Living Green Liquid-Gel Multi™

Men’s Living Green Liquid-Gel Multi™ uses powerful botanicals from whole living plants. 

This supplement targets the unique nutrition profile that men need. 

Containing Pumpkin Seed Oil and Saw Palmetto to support prostate health. Soft gels have a great benefit of holding special oils, such as Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). Unlike any other multi, this breakthrough formula combines over 117 nutrients and 72 trace minerals. 

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