Medela Breast Pump Rental

Medela Breast Pump, Symphony and Lactina are hospital grade breast pumps that are without a doubt the most durable and efficient electric breast pumps. 

Since hospital grade breast pumps are very expensive they are most often rented. 

Individual User Kit

All pumps require an individual user kit which contain parts that come into contact women's milk or breasts. 

Medela Breast Pump

Symphony Medela Breast Pump


  • Multiple user, purchase or rental

  • AC adapter, internal rechargeable batteries

  • Double breast pumping or single possible

  • Vacuum adjustable to 50 - 250 mmHg

  • 2-phase expression®

The Medela pump models have been around for quite awhile and are considered one of the best hospital grade breast pumps being used in hospitals today. 

The Medela Symphony Breast Pump uses the latest innovated technology in hospital-grade electric double pumps. 

Two Phase Pumping 

Medela Symphony Breast Pump has a 2 phase pumping system. The first phase is known as the let-down phase. During the let-down phase, the breastpump pumps at a very rapid speed but at a low vacuum level. 

During this phase, a mother has no control over vacuum or speed. Once done with the 1st phase, (2 minutes expires or the mother manually switches the let-down button) the pump goes to the 2nd phase of pumping known as the expression phase. 

Symphony's 2-Phase expression pumping allows for...

  • faster let-down

  • faster milk flow

  • removes as much milk as a breastfeeding baby

The Symphony motor is durable and reliable. It was designed to be functional in a hospital setting with hundreds, if not thousands of users. 

Medela Pump is Designed for Frequent Use 

This breast pump is designed to use frequently on a daily basis. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved this breast pump for multiple users so long as each mother uses her own new accessory kit. 

Medela Latina Breast Pump


  • Multiple user, purchase or rental

  • AC and optional battery pack

  • Converts to piston-type manual pump

  • Double breast pumping or single possible

  • Vacuum adjustable to 80 - 220 mmHg

  • Lactina Select has 7 different cycling speeds. Lactina Plus has one speed of 48 cpm, speeds auto-linked to pressures

  • Car adapter

The Medela Lactina Breast Pump is lightweight and portable for moms who work or travel.

All Lactina kits are easily converted to a manual pump. 

The Medela Lactina Breast Pump is safe for the collection, storage and feeding of breastmilk. 

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