Men Taking Estrogen

Men taking estrogen or men who take female hormones may notice... 

  • increased breast size

  • darkening of nipples

  • less acne

  • slower growth of facial hair

  • lowered risk of prostate cancer

  • slower progression of baldness

  • feminization of body shape

  • more feminine complexion

  • reduced chance of heart attack

Also, men taking estrogen probably will have...

  • increase risk of breast cancer

  • increase the chance of liver or gall bladder disease or tumors

  • decrease the size of testicles

  • lower interest in sex

  • mood or personality is altered in unpredictable ways

  • increase the chance of blood clots which can be fatal

Men Estrogen Exposure

Besides men taking estrogen for medical reasons, male exposure to estrogen is more common than you might think. 

Estrogen is found in common environmental things such as manufactured plastics and other synthetic materials. 

Other estrogens are in the form of metabolites generated from pesticides or steroid hormones used to stimulate growth in livestock. 

These environmental estrogens are often called "estrogen mimics" because what most of these molecules do is attach themselves to estrogen receptors in cells and mimic the action of the body's natural estrogen. 

Excessive exposure to estrogen mimics set up the potential problems for your reproductive anatomy and physiology. 

Men Taking Estrogen

Prostate Enlargement and Prostate Cancer

High levels of estrogen is believed to possibly be the primary cause of prostate enlargement and prostate cancer. 

Men produce estrogen (Estradiol) but in much lower amounts than women. Men also produce progesterone, but about half a much as women. Just like women, men produce both estrogen and progesterone. Progesterone is made in men by the adrenal glands and testes. 

A common mistaken belief is that testosterone causes prostate cancer. 

Studies had shown that men with the highest level of testosterone have the least prostate enlargement. 

Men Taking Estrogen

Also, men with the highest level of estrogen have enlarged prostates. 

Declining testosterone from aging, together with increasing level of estrogen in men, is the most likely reason for prostate enlargement and cancer in men. 

Ways to battle high estrogen levels...

  • Cut out the estrogen mimicking chemicals in our life.

  • If possible, when you need to store food use glass or ceramics.

  • Use a simple soap.

  • Use a simple detergent with less chemicals.

  • If you must use plastics, do not heat them up in the microwave oven or leave them in the sun.

  • Use natural pest control not pesticides.

  • Don't use herbicides.

  • Eat hormone free meats.

  • Avoid synthetic chemicals.

  • Buy organic produce, the produce grown without synthetic fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides.

  • Use condoms without spermicide for birth control.

Natural progesterone cream lowers estrogen dominance in men

Natural progesterone cream has many benefits... 

Reduces prostate size
Progesterone cream can help to reduce the prostate size. 

Reduces prostatism symptoms
Symptoms of prostatism (benign enlargement of the prostate gland) such as urinary urgency and frequency decreased considerably after application of Natural Progesterone cream. 

Enhance sex drive
Physiological doses of progesterone also appear to enhance libido (sex drive). 

Osteoporosis prevention
Natural progesterone cream prevents osteoporosis in men. 

Decrease balding
Natural progesterone cream might decrease male balding due to the corresponding rise in testosterone. 

Helps with rheumatoid arthritis
Progesterone cream might relieve pain and swelling of rheumatoid arthritis when rubbed into the joints. 

Also, progesterone has no feminizing characteristics.

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