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You may be wondering, "Are my menopausal symptoms normal? I want to talk about what causes menopause. Normally, a female has 400 eggs that are supposed to be released each month. Alternating from one ovary to the other month to month. For example, this month it could be the left ovary then next month the right ovary.

So it keeps alternating back and forth, back and forth, back and forth… So at the end of the 4 hundredth egg which is roughly about the age of 52, there’s a transitional phase where the backup organ to the ovaries are supposed to take over.

This is because the backup organ produces the same hormones as the ovary.

Are Your Menopausal Symptoms Normal? Improving Adrenal Function is Likely the Key to Your Relief 

A lot of people don’t know this. You have an adrenal gland that sits on top of the kidney. So this adrenal gland is suppose to be a back up organ for the ovaries. So if there’s a problem, for example, the ovaries basically go into retirement, this is a normal process.

Even though the adrenals may not produce the same quantity of hormones as the ovaries, it’s okay because you may not be necessarily ready to give birth at 52 years old, you really may not need the extra hormone. So your body isn’t designed to have the need for the same hormones.

The key point here is menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, nigh sweats… all these common symptoms of menopause are not normal if a woman is healthy.

If Adrenals are Weak Going into Menopause, You're Very Likely to Have Issues

What happens is the feedback loop that comes from the brain in the hypothalamus (part of the brain about the size of a pea, deep inside the brain in the center) has pre-programmed messages that are sent to the ovaries. It’s because of the location of that part of the hypothalamus which is very small, controls the release of the egg also controls the temperature, heat and heart rate. That’s why these symptoms occur. 

For example, if your adrenals are weak going into menopause, you’re going to have problems because now what happens is that back up is not working fully. 

When the back up isn’t working correctly, then we don’t get messages coming back to the adrenal glands and back up to the hypothalamus to turn off that mechanism and actually complete the circuit. 

It’s like having an on and off switch for the brain. So if the brain doesn’t receive this feedback from the body, then it’s going to start shouting at the body. This shouting is basically the menopause symptoms such as increasing in body heat. 

So basically the problems of menopause are basically an issue with this circuit that is happen between the hypothalamus, adrenals, and ovaries. 

So if this circuit isn’t working correctly, for example, the adrenals are weak.. then you’ll start to gain belly fat because your adrenals are overactive. You’ll have a loss of collagen. You’ll have atrophy because your muscles get weak and your joints will get noisy. Loose skin, night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, bone loss, sleep tolerance, decreased tolerance to stress and facial hair. 

So many of these problems with menopause occur because women are going into menopause with weak adrenal glands. 

So it’s important to support the adrenals and keep them working correctly. 

You may be thinking, are my menopausal symptoms normal? This is actually a common problem. 

The main issue here with menopause is the lack of the adrenals backing up the ovaries. 

And a lot of times people will jump in and start taking HRT as a solution to the menopause symptoms, which may help, but it can give you serious side effects such as cancer, stroke and other serious issues. HRT works because it bypasses everything and goes right to the brain telling the brain I hear the message you are sending, release the egg. 

So it turns off the problem of hot flashes, for example. But then it gives you a more serious problem later. 

Just about everything connected to menopause as a problem is going to be an issue at the adrenal glands. 

Are your menopausal symptoms normal? So what’s the solution?

You want to support the adrenal glands – this is the root of the problem. You don’t want to focus on the symptoms. So you want to avoid taking medication that fixes the symptoms… you need to improve the function at the adrenals. This the root of the problem of menopause symptoms. 

Isoflavonoids are good solution for supporting the adrenals. 

Sea kelp is great for balancing the estrogen. 

Sea kelp is good because the relationship between estrogen and iodine helps to take stress off the whole situation. 

This page has basically been a summary of the transition from peri-menopause to menopause. I hope this helped you get a better understanding about your question of, "Are my menopausal symptoms normal?       

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