Natural Hormone Replacement

Natural hormone replacement, guidelines for deciding if hormone therapy is appropriate for you. 

Hormone supplementation should only be given to individuals who are truly hormone deficient.

Conventional physicians routinely prescribe estrogen or other sex hormones without ever testing for hormone deficiency. 

This is a mistake. 

Conventional medicine assumes that women after menopause are estrogen-deficient. This isn't necessarily true. 

Research has shown that women will likely continue to make all the estrogen they need all the way up to the age of 80. 

How does one determine if estrogen deficiency exists? 

Any woman still having monthly periods has plenty of estrogen. Vaginal mucosal atrophy and vaginal dryness, on the other hand, are clear signs of estrogen deficiency. 

If you don't have these signs, a saliva hormone assay is the best test to determine hormone deficiency. 

Hormone levels differ between individuals. 

For example, normal hormone levels for one person isn't necessarily normal for another person. 

Saliva hormone testing has become an accurate and reliable method for testing hormonal levels. 

Natural Hormone Replacement

Use bioidentical hormone replacement rather than synthetic hormone replacement

Why not synthetic hormones? Synthetic hormones used for hormone replacement are synthetic, meaning, they were made in a laboratory rather than within a biological organism. Synthetic hormone molecules and molecules from different species, for example, Premarin made from horses, differ in molecular configuration of the hormones made in the human body. 

Bioidenticals are a good natural hormone replacement solution because how bioidentical hormones function is the same and are chemically the same as the hormones your body naturally produces. 

Also, synthetic hormones differ from natural hormones in the activity that occurs at the receptor level. 

Synthetic hormones may activate receptors in a similar way to that of natural hormones, but usually synthetic hormones will have no effect on the receptors or completely block it.

Therefore, hormones that aren't bioidentical such as synthetic hormones, won't provide the same total physiologic activity as the hormones they are intended to replace. 

Also, if the hormones used in hormone replacement aren't bioidentical, they may likely provoke undesirable side effects not found with the human hormone. 

What are normal physiologic levels? 

Hormones are powerful chemical messengers that circulate around in your blood that target specific cells. 

Hormones don't work just by circulating in the blood. 

Hormones (estrogen, progesterone, etc) travel through the bloodstream and find their matching receptor sites on both healthy cells and cancer cells. 

Progesterone is found in serum and is also largely protein-bound. 

Receptors are very specialized protein molecules that sit on the outside or inside of the cells in your body. 

Protein-bound progesterone is not readily bioavailable to receptors in target tissues throughout the body. 

When progesterone is measured by serum levels, this is mostly a measure of progesterone that is not going to be used by the body. 

A serum test can be used to compare one woman's progesterone production to that of another woman. 

Also, a serum test can show how much progesterone is being made by a woman's ovaries. 

Saliva Testing is the answer to determining your bioavailable hormone levels. 

Steroid Hormones in saliva reflect the portion of circulating hormones in the bloodstream that are unbound by serum binding proteins (free or bioavailable) and therefore are able to enter tissues throughout the body. 

Saliva Hormone Testing is a simple and accurate way for both ordinary women and men to assess their current levels of steroid hormones. A 

A Saliva Hormone Test can be a more convenient option than an expensive trip to the doctors office. 

When following these guidelines to natural hormone replacement, women have many benefits such as...

  • decreased risk of strokes, breast cancer, or heart attacks

  • much less likely to get fat

  • much less likely to have problems sleeping

  • much less problems with short term memory loss

  • much less likely for fibrocystic breasts

  • less mood disorders

  • less libido problems

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