All Purpose Nipple Cream
and Lactiplex Nipple Ointment

Nipple cream for sore nipples and breast pain relief. 

There are many causes of sore nipples. 

These are all symptoms that irritate sensitive nipples - poor latch, Candida (yeast), dermatologic conditions, and infections of the nipple with bacteria. 

It's recommended to try to assure the best latch possible, because latch improvement will help with causes of breast pain. 

The follow combination seems to be helpful for many of these sore nipple causes.

  • Mupirocin 2% ointment (not cream): 15 grams

  • Betamethasone 0.1% ointment (not cream): 15 grams

  • To which is added miconazole powder so that the final concentration is 2% miconazole

  • Add ibuprofen powder as well, so that the final concentration of ibuprofen is 2%
Nipple Cream

Lactiplex Nipple Cream Ointment

Lactiplex Nipple Ointment is made up of..

  • mupirocin 2% ointment 15 gms

  • nystatin ointment 15gms

  • clotrimazole powder 2%

  • betamethazone ointment 15gms

  • vanishing cream 13.5gms

Totalling 60gms. 

The process of using cream... 

1. The pharmacist mixes it all up for the mother. 

2. The mother applies it sparingly, after each feeding and does not wash or wipe it off (even before the next feeding). 

Why are my nipples sore?

Sore nipples during breast-feeding
For breast feeding, the best treatment of sore nipples is prevention. 

The best way from sore nipples occurring is by getting the baby to latch on properly from the first day. 

If you have sore nipples, it's likely either the baby is not positioned and latched properly, or the baby is not suckling properly, or both. 

It's a good idea to check latch positioning because when babies are latched on properly, they learn to get milk from the breast sucking the right way. 

Proper Latching and Positioning
Women commonly experience problems with the baby positioning and latching. Proper positioning is important because a good latch position facilitates and reduces the baby's chances of becoming gassy and also allows the baby to control milk flow. 

So remember, good positioning facilitates a good latch. A lot of what follows under latching comes automatically if the baby is well positioned in the first place. 

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