Pet Meds

Pet meds come in many forms... 

Pillsliquidstopical ointments, and drops are all many forms of pet medication. The health of your pet can improve with proper use of pet prescriptions. 

Because the cost of prescriptions can be so expensive, it is important to be sure that the money is well spent by properly giving these medicines. 

Pet Meds, Tablets

Giving dogs pills is usually easier than cats because you can place many pills directly into food items. 

Dog Arthritis
Studies show that dog owners prefer administering chewable medications over conventional pills. 

Instead of giving the dog pills, you may prefer chewable, liver-flavored tablets because many dog arthritis pain relief medication is available in chewable form. 

Pet Meds

Pet Meds, Capsules

Capsules can be placed into your pet's mouth the same as pills. 

However, if that does not work, sometimes the capsule can be opened up and sprinkled onto food. Always check first with your veterinarian. 

Some capsules cannot be opened and distributed this way, so it is important to follow directions. When sprinkling capsule contents, feed only a small amount of food to ensure that the whole dose is consumed. 

Another method is to mix the contents of the capsule with water and use a syringe to place the medication into your pet's mouth. 

Always check first with your veterinarian about how to administer pet meds. 

Pet Meds, Liquids

Giving medication via eyedropper or syringe is an easier alternative method but also one that may be messier. 

It is recommended to give liquid medications in an area that is easy to clean. 

Make sure your pet is comfortable. 

Holding an eyedropper or syringe, slowly place the medication into your pet's mouth. For dogs, the tip of the dropper can be inserted just behind the canine (fang or eye) tooth where the jaw does not completely close. 

You can also place the liquid in the cheek pouch between the lips and the back teeth. Slowly squirt small amounts into the mouth and pause between amounts to allow your pet to swallow all the liquid. 

How can a compounded medication benefit my pet?

Advantages of compounding... 

Easier to administer
An alternative to trying to get your animal to swallow a tablet. 

Better tasting medication
Compounding pharmacies can prepare better tasting flavored treats to make the medicine go to take. 

Pets with special needs
You may need special compound medication for exotic pets that need special medication. 

Combined with a veterinarian compounding prescription, a compounding pharmacy can take FDA-approved, and/or pharmaceutical-grade chemicals and compound them into the correct dosage. 

The pharmacist can also compound for the administration method best for your pet. 

Compounding allows your veterinarian to prescribe particular pet meds, dosage form, or strength not commercially available. As a result, administration to your pet becomes easier. 

If your pet has multiple medications they could be combine into one. Also, the pet's medication can be flavored to be more palatable. 

How can I find out if my pet's prescription can be compounded?

If you feel that your pet could benefit from having his or her prescription customized, check with a compounding pharmacy to discuss your options. 

Once you have the information on the possible dosage forms and alternatives available, discuss the options with your veterinarian, who can authorize the specific compounded prescription for you. 

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Pet Meds

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