Progestin Side Effects

Progestin side effects result from using synthetic hormones. Synthetics have many different reactions than BHRT or natural progesterone. 

Dramatic difference between progesterone and progestins

Most doctors don't have time to keep up with the latest drug research, so they rely on pharmaceutical company ads or representatives for the latest information. 

Pharmaceutical company's have no interest in selling natural progesterone because they can't patent it, so they have no interest in sponsoring research or passing on information about it. 

There is a widespread misconception among American doctors about the effects of progesterone. Progestin effects affect the health and well-being of millions of American women. 

Progestin Side Effects

Natural Progesterone

There have been many studies done on natural progesterone. Natural progesterone creamused in physiologic doses (doses no greater than the body should be making), has virtually no side effects. 

Difference between synthetic drugs and natural compounds

Synthetic drug means the drug isn't found in nature. Progesterone is man-made in a laboratory and the final result is a molecule that's identical to that found in the human body, thus considered natural. Aspirin is an example of a drug that's naturally made from a natural substance. It has medicinal origins in trees of the salix species, most commonly known as willow and poplar. 

In the late 1800s, laws were passed in the United States that allowed medicines to be patented only if they were not natural substances. If a drug company found a naturally occurring medicine, anyone else was free to capitalize on the discovery. This is why drug company's became disinterested in naturally occurring medicines. 

Advantage of Progesterone

The history of creating synthetic drugs consistently shows that separating the so-called active ingredient from the rest of the plant not found in nature almost always creates harmful side effects.  

This is different from plant medicines, whereas, when used properly, rarely have harmful side effects. 

Our bodies know how to take many natural substances and use them for energy. Our bodies know how to use natural substances for maintenance, repair, and then efficiently excrete them when they are used up. 

This is very different from synthetic, chemically altered hormone drugs. The message that synthetic drugs carry is contrary to the hormone they are meant to stimulate. 

Patent-able Synthetic Drugs and Progestin Side Effects

Many synthetic drugs are made patentable simply by changing a few atoms of the natural substance. 

This may not seem like that big of a deal, but it is. Just altering a few molecules can make a big difference in the effects on the body. 

This is especially true for hormones. For example, the molecular difference between testosterone and estradiol is one hydrogen atom and a couple of double bonds. Adding or subtracting one hydrogen atom on a specific molecule can be the difference between a person being a male or being a female. 

Warning for Women

Progesterone side effects virtually don't exist. 

Synthetic progestins, provera has progestin side effects. 

If taken during the first 4 months of pregnancy, there is an increased risk of minor birth defects. 

Some precautions

1. Progestogens may cause some degree of fluid retention. Conditions such as epilepsy, asthma, migraine, cardiac or renal dysfunction may require careful observation. 

2. May cause or contribute to depression. 

3. May decrease glucose tolerance and diabetic patients must be carefully monitored. 

4. May increase the thrombotic disorders associated with estrogen. 

Other progestin side effects...

  • acne, skin rashes

  • sodium and water in blood cells

  • birth defect risks

  • thrombophlebitis, embolism risk

  • more body hair, thinner scalp hair

  • depression

  • protects against endometrial cancer

  • intracellular edema

  • loss of mineral electrolytes from cells

  • decreased glucose tolerance

  • allergic reactions

  • cholestatic jaundice risk

Because progesterone is a natural hormone, the body is normally able to produce it, use it, and eliminate it as needed. Synthetic progestins aren't well processed by the body and create progestin side effects that aren't consistent with natural progesterone. 

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