Surgical Menopause

Surgical menopause is the removal of both ovaries in women who have not yet had natural menopause and almost always occurs if you have a hysterectomy. 

There are other ways to go into menopause other than the natural way. The most dramatic is called bilateral oophorectomy. This is a process where you have both your ovaries removed. It may be done independently or together with a hysterectomy. Removing the ovaries will result in an immediate menopause. 

Surgical Menopause

Not only do you experience many strong menopause symptoms because of the changes in hormones, but also you lose most of your hormones permanently. Some hormones you don't lose are produced by the adrendal gland, androstenedione, and little testosterone. For obese and muscular women, this is can be enough to counteract symptoms because estrogen is converted to estrogen in fat and muscle. 

Women who have ovaries removed are also reported to have higher chances of osteoporosis and heart disease. This is the case even for women on hormone therapy. 

If for some reason only one ovary is removed, you will go through menopause at the regular time. But sometimes the single ovary can stop functioning prematurely and you then experience premature menopause

Medical Menopause

You shouldn't wait until menopause to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The sooner you get in the habit of living a healthy lifestyle, the more it will prevent all kinds of diseases when you actually start going through menopause. 

Menopause can be brought on by forces outside your body. Certain drugs block the gonadotrophin-releasing factors that stimulate FSH and LH, which can put you into a reversible menopause. 

Zoladex can create temporary menopause and is used for premenopausal women who have estrogen receptor positive breast cancer. 

It's common for women that have been treated with chemotherapy to go into temporary or permanent menopause. This can be alarming to women who don't know this ahead of time because the drugs can create a chemically induced menopause created unexpected symptoms of menopause. 

Chemical menopause hasn't been that well studied, but it appears that with medical menopause the severity of symptoms is somewhere between that associated with surgical menopause and that associated with natural menopause. 

Radiation for colon cancer can also create menopause. In this situation the menopause is permanent. 

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