Symptoms of Thyroid Problems

Symptoms of thyroid problems affect many people. 

Self Assessment of Low Thyroid

Low thyroid is only one type of low energy. The following questionaire provides a more detailed evaluation to help you and your practitioner determine if low thyroid is your likely diagnosis. 

A troubling number of patients continue to have thyroid issues, even after their blood tests return to normal. 

Symptoms of thyroid Problems

Symptoms of Thyroid Problems Quiz

Even if you've already been diagnosed with low thyroid, take this little quiz. 

Do you...

  1. ___ have unusual fatigue unrelated to exertion?

  2. ___ have feelings of anxiety that sometimes lead to panic?

  3. ___ experience aches and pains in your muscles and joints unrelated to trauma or exercise?

  4. ___ dress in layers because of needing to adjust to various temperatures throughout the day (for example, sometimes you're too hot, and sometimes you're too cold)?

  5. ___ have trouble with weight, often eating lightly, yet still not losing a pound?

  6. ___ have diabetes, anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, or early graying of hair? Does anyone in your family?

  7. ___ feel chillier than most people, often needing to wear socks to bed?

  8. ___ go through periods of depression, and/or lowered sex drive, seemingly out of proportion to life events?

  9. ___ suffer from dry skin, or are prone to adult acne or eczema?

  10. ___ know of anyone in your family who has ever had thyroid problems (even yourself at an earlier age)?

  11. ___ have increased problems with digestion or allergies?

  12. ___ do you wake up tired?

  13. ___ feel mentally sluggish, unfocused, or unusually forgetful, even though you're not old enough to have Alzheimer's?

  14. ___ do you experience your hair as feeling like straw, dry, nad easily falling out?

  15. ___ have significant exposure, now or in the past, to chlorine, bromine, or fluoride (which compete with iodine in your thyroid)?

  16. ___ feel utterly exhausted by evening, yet have trouble sleeping?

  17. ___ experience signficant menopause symptoms including migraine headaches, without full relief after taking estrogen?

  18. ___ have a history of whiplash or other neck related injuries which may have damaged your thyroid?

If you answered yes to four or more of these questions, you could be one of millions of people with an undiagnosed or under-treated thyroid problem. 

It is recommended to take appropriate blood and temperature tests to help determine thyroid problem symptoms and your definite diagnosis of low thyroid. 

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