Normal Testosterone Levels in Men

Testosterone levels in men effect such things as sexual performance, muscle size, physical stamina, mental sharpness, and many other health related issues. 

Is testosterone replacement right for you? 

Check out the follow signs and symptoms of low testosterone. 

Musculoskeletal Changes:

Sore-body syndrome - aches, joint and muscle pain 

Decline in flexibility and mobility 

Increased stiffness 

Testosterone Levels in Men

Decrease in muscle size, tone and strength 

Decrease in physical stamina 

Decrease in athletic performance 

Tendency to pull a muscle or get leg cramps 

Development of osteoporosis or inflammatory arthritis 

Sex Changes

Decrease in spontaneous early morning erections 

Decreased libido or desire for sex 

Decrease in fullness of erections 

Decrease in volume of ejaculate or semen 

Decrease in strength of climax or force of muscular pulsations 

Difficulty in maintaining full erection 

Difficulty in starting erection or no erection at all 

Mental Changes:

Feeling burned out or inability to concentrate 

Tiredness or sleepiness in the afternoon or early morning 

Decreased mental sharpness, attention or wit 

Change in creativity or spontaneous new ideas 

Decrease in initiative or desire to start a new project 

Decreased interest in past hobbies or new work activities 

Decrease in competitiveness 

Change in memory function or increased forgetfulness 

Feeling of depression or a sense that activities have lost significance 

Metabolic Changes:

Increase in total cholesterol or triglycerides 

Decrease in HDL cholesterol 

Rise in blood sugar level or diabetes onset 

Rise in blood pressure or diagnosis of hypertension 

Unexplained weight gain, especially in the midsection 

Increase in fat distribution in the breast or hip area 

Development of chest pain, heart disease or blocked arteries 

Shortness of breath with activity, asthma becomes worse or emphysema 

Lightheadness, dizzy spells, or ringing of the ears or headaches 

Poor circulation or development of varicose veins or hemorrhoids 

Changes in visual acuity or changes in focus of reading fine print 

Normal Testosterone Levels in Men?

Many of these symptoms may just make you think you are someone entering middle age. 

However most of these symptoms correspond remarkably well with the expected results of hormonal deprivation. 

For example, lower levels of estrogen and testosterone have serious deleterious effects on the proper functioning of the brain, resulting in a decreased mental sharpness. The "sex" hormones turn out to also be brain hormones. 

And from reading the above information you will also see that these hormones are also muscle hormones, bone hormones, skin, energy, mood and urinary hormones. 

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