Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone replacement is not just for men anymore. 

Female ovaries produce testosterone, which decreases dramatically from original testosterone levels by a woman's thirties or forties. 

Testosterone helps with the following..

  • Sex drive and sensation

  • Endurance and muscle strength

  • Leaner body, with less fat

  • Improved balance and coordination

  • Increased energy
Testosterone Replacement

When a woman shows signs of testosterone deficiency, and blood levels return very low, it is possible that she needs to supplement with low, female-sized doses of testosterone. 

The dose needs to be low and correct for a female to avoid possible acne, excess hair, and lower voice associated with larger male sized doses. 

Once you are stabilized on a dose, you will not need to change doses frequently. Natural hormone testosterone is available by prescription only. It can be compounded into a cream, capsule or troche. It can also be combined with other hormones to reduce the cost and improve the compliance of taking it. 

Usually by age 50 women have lost approximately 50 percent of testosterone production that they had at age twenty. 

The amount that each woman loses is variable and depends on such factors as lifestyle, strength training, current muscle mass, body fat and genetics. 

Women that have naturally high estrogen or are supplementing with estrogen will have lower levels of testosterone. Estrogen increases a protein called sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), which binds up testosterone. 

Testosterone and progesterone supplements can be used to reduce estrogen dominance. 

Over time you will probably need to reduce or stop testosterone replacement, once your body comes into natural balance. 

More ovarian testosterone will be made, even as less sex hormone-binding globulin is being produced. 

You should monitor your testosterone levels every 3-6 months. 

Tips of testosterone replacement

Testosterone capsules are available in a variety of strenths. Suggested starting dosage ranges are 2-4mg one or two times a day usually in the morning. 

Testosterone cream or gel is also available in a wide range of strengths. Rub 1 to 3mg into the skin once a day. Application to the upper inner thighs, arms, or inner labia are recommended. 

The reason for the pubic area is it will distribute the cream into the area to strengthen the bladder and sex organs. A very few percent of women will have some slight hair growth in the area that they apply the cream. 

Applying the testosterone to the clitoral area 5 to 10 minutes before intercourse can increase the strength of the orgasm and improve sexual sensation for some woman. 

The benefits of testosterone can be subtle, so it is important to be honest when evaluating your response. Notice your levels of energy and sexual desire. 

Most likely you will not notice a sudden surge, more than likely it will be a gradual change of feeling more interested. Other things to take into consideration are your mood, endurance, muscle tone, strength, coordination and memory. 

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