Thyroid Adrenal Connection

Thyroid adrenal connection is apparent in about 80% of those suffering from adrenal fatigue. If your adrenal fatigue has a thyroid component, it's usually necessary to strengthen both the adrenals and the thyroid simultaneously for full recovery to take place. 

Testing Thyroid Function

The thyroid is another endocrine gland sensitive to the effects of stress. Unlike the adrenals that have many functions, the thyroid has one major function which is to control the rate at which energy is produced in the individual cells of the body. 

Also, thyroid function tests have the same disadvantages as blood tests for adrenal function. Marginally low thyroid doesn't show up on these tests. Also, insurance companies limit thyroid testing to only one type of thyroid test, TSH instead of allowing a wider range of thyroid blood tests that could give more information. 

Trouble Shooting Low Thyroid

The following are possible indicators of low thyroid... 

  1. The outside of your eyebrows are much thinner than normal.

  2. At 9:30 PM you hit a wall and are ready for bed but there is no 11:00 PM second wind.

  3. Your stamina or capacity doesn't improve with increased exercise.

  4. Reaction time is slightly lower than you know it should be when you are driving a car, engaging in sports or operating equipment.

  5. You gain weight easily, especially around your hips and thighs, even when eating the right foods in normal portions.

  6. You feel sluggish and not fully awake much of the day.

  7. Your basal body temperature, taken before rising in the morning, is below 98.2 degrees F (oral) or 97.2 degrees F (underarm).

  8. Your energy doesn't noticeably improve after your evening meal or after 6:00 PM.

The Hypothalamus Thyroid Adrenal Connection

If half the above indicators are present, then you could possibly have a low thyroid component to your adrenal fatigue. Thyroid adrenal ultimately regulate in similar ways by a gland called the hypothalamus. 

Taking a hypothalamus extract may help normalize your thyroid as well as your adrenal function when it's needed. Sometimes it's your thyroid only requires nutritional supplements containing the proper nutrients in a form that can be easily absorbed and utilized efficiently by the thyroid. 

Stress vs Distress

These days, life is dramatically more complicated. People spends days, weeks, and sometimes many months experiencing chronic tension and anxiety. 

Thyroid Adrenal

These mental conditions result in a physiology that has become downright illness provoking. 

General adaptation syndrome is a term used to describe the body's short-term and long-term reactions to stress. GAS (general adaptation syndrome) represents a three-stage reaction to stress. In the first phase, called adaptation, a person intermittently secretes slightly higher levels of the "fight or flight" hormones in response to slightly higher stress levels. 

Alarm is the second phase. Alarm starts when stress is great enough to cause sustained excessive levels of certain adrenal hormones. Alarm can be the earliest sign of a stress induced illness. 

Exhaustion is the third phase. At this stage, the body's ability to cope with the stress is now depleted and adrenal hormones fall from excessively high to excessively low. It is this stage of adrenal exhaustion that sometimes accompanies or is confused with low thyroid. 

Where do adrenal stress and low thyroid intersect?

If you find yourself in the alarm phase of adrenal stress, one result might be to alter conversion of T-4 into T-3, or thyronine. 

When experiencing high levels of ACTH and high levels of cortisol, your thyroid adrenal situation might profoundly affect the availability of biologically active thyroid hormone.

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