Thyroid Problems in Men

Thyroid problems in men can effect male sexual performance and health. Men with low thyroid generally don't feel the same degree of dramatic exhaustion, chillness, and dry skin as women. Men instead often experience a more general slowdown that they likely don't acknowledge or even talk about. 

To keep up with their normal level of activity, they may seek substances to help them get through the day. This decision usually backfires. Low thyroid hormone has a direct effect on male sexual performance and overall health. A man with low thyroid may have to deal with not being able to achieve an erection, sustain an erection, an inability to ejaculate, or have a low sperm count. What's even worse, thyroid problems in men can exacerbate low libido and low performance due to chronic depression. 

Thyroid Problems in Men

Depression and Low Thyroid

Often times men are too proud to even realize they are depressed. Men likely won't suspect it or ask for help because it would be a sign of weakness. Many researchers believe men suffer from low thyroid in silence. Worldwide, there is an increase in prostate cancer and a decline in sperm count levels. Some physicians believe the decrease in male fertility is related to low thyroid. Also, the escalation in male violence is believed to be somewhat attributed to aberrant testosterone metabolism which is another hormone that's affected by thyroid function. 

The good news is that taking thyroid hormone is simple, safe, and inexpensive. Considering the cost of male potency boosters such as Viagra, tackling the thyroid is a much more attractive alternative, not to mention it's likely the most efficient way to fix the problems. 

Link Between Thyroid Problems in Men and Testosterone

Thyroid problems in men and low thyroid effects other organs and it's quite possible that many male dysfunctions are related to low thyroid. If your thyroid is low, you may as a result also have low testosterone. 

Taking thyroid hormone could therefore improve not just symptoms of low thyroid but also testosterone levels in men

Male Menopause

Men experience their own version of menopause, male menopause. 

Male menopause syndrome includes the following menopause symptoms...

  • weight gain

  • taking longer to recover from illness

  • changes in sexual appetite

  • decreased memory

  • thinning of hair

  • decreased exercise endurance

Many of these menopause symptoms occur because levels of hormones and neuropeptides are diminishing at this stage of life. 

Medical conditions could include...

  • increased body fat

  • enlarged prostate

  • decreased muscle tone

In severe situations, men can respond to these changes with depression, and even suicide. 

So what can be done about this? 

First, men should get tested for their thyroid and testosterone levels. Second, deficiencies in these hormones can be easily and safely treated. 

If good thyroid treatments don't work?

If thyroid treatments don't work, you may need to further improve the balance of your reproductive system. 

Inspite of good thyroid treatment, are you still experiencing... 

  • Easy bruising?

  • Impotence or low sperm count?

  • Fatigue or sleepiness during the day for no obvious reason?

  • Abnormal blood pressure?

  • A noticeable decrease in muscle tone or mass?

  • Longer recovery time from injury/illness?

  • Loss of hair in other places other than the head?

  • Decreased stamina for sports or other physical activity?

  • Desire to take something to boost your energy in the morning, and something to wind you down at night?

  • Depression or significant memory loss?

  • High cholesterol levels?

  • Increased urinary frequency without signficant prostate abnormality.

If you have four or more of these symptoms, your thyroid program may need further improvement. 

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