What Causes Night Sweats

What causes night sweats? 

The causes of night sweats are complex and varied, affecting a variety of people, regardless of age or gender. 

What are Night Sweats?

Night sweats refer to any excess sweating occurring during the night. 

For the majority of night sweat sufferers, night sweats are more likely to consist of waking up with fever like symptoms, such as excessive heat and perspiration. 

Common causes of night sweats

What causes night sweats? 

The following are possible causes of night sweats... 

  • Bedroom too warm 
    Sleep environments that are too warm can cause night sweats. If a toasty sleeping environment is the culprit, you can easily prevent night sweats by removing a blanket or using a fan. In order to distinguish night sweats that arise from medical causes from those that occur because one's surroundings are too warm, doctors generally refer to true night sweats as severe hot flashes occurring at night that can drench sleepwear and sheets, which are not related to an overheated environment.

  • Menopausal transition 
    Hormonal changes are likely the cause of night sweats in menopausal and pre-menopausal women. It's common for perimenopausal women to experiencemenopause night sweats (the hot flashes that can occur at night). These flashes cause sweating that tends to make sleeping at night very uncomfortable.

  • Infections 
    Tuberculosis is the infection most commonly associated with night sweats. Bacterial infections, such as endocarditis (inflammation of the heart valves), osteomyelitis (inflammation within the bones), and abscesses all may result in night sweats.

  • Cancers 
    Night sweats can be an early sign of some cancers. Lymphoma is the most common. People who have an undiagnosed cancer frequently have other symptoms as well, such as unexplained weight loss and fevers.

  • Medications 
    Antidepressant medications are a common type of medication that can lead to night sweats. Medicines taken to lower fever such as aspirin and acetaminophen can sometimes lead to sweating.

  • Hypoglycemia 
    Sometimes low blood glucose can cause sweating. People who are taking insulin or oral anti-diabetic medications may experience hypoglycemia at night that is accompanied by sweating.

  • Pressure and anxiety 
    Pressure and anxiety is one of the leading causes of night sweats, especially in men. When someone is going through a particularly stressful time, he may suffer from this sleep disorder.
  • Hormone disorders 
    Sweating or flushing can be seen with several hormone disorders, including pheochromocytoma, carcinoid syndrome, and hyperthyroidism.

  • Hyperhidrosis 
    Hyperhidrosis is a rare condition characterized by unexplainable excessive sweating while sleeping. While sweating from hyperhidrosis occurs regardless of temperature, it can increase during periods of greater stress and anxiety.

To determine treatment for hot flashes and what causes night sweats, a doctor must obtain a detailed medical history and order tests to determine if an underlying medical condition is responsible for the night sweats. 

What Causes Night Sweats

When you should see a doctor

You should probably consider seeing a doctor if...

  • The sweating is accompanied by fever, fatigue, discomfort or pain in the body.

  • You sweat at night despite a cool room temperature, especially if the episodes come and go with regularity.

  • You are also experiencing a sleep disorder, such as sleepwalking, nightmares, apnea or insomnia.

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