What is BHRT?

What is bhrt? BHRT stands for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. BHRT are basically supplemental hormones you can take that are chemically structured to be exactly the same as the hormones in your body. 

These hormones are created from usually yam or soy.

Since BHRT is made up of hormones that are bioidentical, there are therapeutic advantages.

One of the key advantages is the fact that the dosage can be personalized, being tailored the patients unique needs. 

Taking the hormone supplements orally isn’t what’s preferred since, when taken orally, the supplement essentially goes directly to the liver. 

This is why transdermal forms of bhrt are the most popular. 

So it’s best method of delivery is in the form of gels, creams, and suppositories – the key here is the supplement is absorbed directly into the blood. 

Hormone Replacement History

Hormone replacement was first introduced in 1949. 

Birth control pills came around in the 1960’s. 

The problem with birth control pills is that this has mislead women into believing they have a safe and healthy way of dealing with their hormone problems. 

Women have been lied to and manipulated into believing that synthetic hormones are safer than the hormones that are found naturally in their own body. 

Here’s the biggest lie: “The female body is deficient and needs to be fixed.”

Today, there are much better solutions available that treat the women’s body with the respect it deserves.   

BHRT and Menopause

BHRT isn’t just for women dealing with symptoms of menopause. 

Hormone imbalance can strike at any age. What women need to do is have their hormone levels tested. This is done with a blood test. 

The endocrine system is interfered with by the chemicals that are in our food, water supply, and environment. 

Hormone levels can be corrected at any age. This isn’t just for middle aged. 

Typically, the cost is around $300 for pellet therapy. This will last around 3 to 4 months. 

Fatigue, mood swings, low sex drive and hot flashes are symptoms associated with menopause. Many women feel the need to seek out a solution to balance hormones that will help alleviate these annoying symptoms.  

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